Friday, January 15, 2016

Positive Psychology News

The powerful idea behind positive psychology is that we can accomplish our aims most effectively by exercising and building on our strengths, not just by shoring up our vulnerabilities. Reducing boredom on the job won't create a fulfilling career ...
Irish Times
Tal Ben-Shahar is a best-selling author, academic and entrepreneur in the field of positive psychology. In 2006, his course on positive psychology became the most popular class at Harvard University. Since then he has cofounded Potentialife, a year ...
( -- January 4, 2016) -- Recent research in positive psychology shows happiness is more than a mood or a feeling—it's a skill. A new app called Feed Your Happy, launching today, helps people practice techniques to reprogram negative ...
Santa Maria Sun
Delta High School's Free Holiday Store, stocked with clothing, opened for two

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